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Team Sport Advantages and Disadvantages for Your Child

Nowadays, children, besides of going to the school, practice a sport, mostly a team sport. And just like so many things, this also has its advantages and disadvantages on physical, emotional and mental field. The decision of which one is greater, the advantages or the disadvantages depend on the point of view of the parents and of the children. Emotional… (more…)

Ed Subitzky – sport wrist watches Manufacturer – ladies digital watches Manufacturer

Early life Subitzky was born in and grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, just outside of New York City. As a child he read a wide variety of comic books, and Mad magazine. He was greatly influenced by the work of Harvey Kurtzman and to a lesser extent that of Will Elder, both of whom he met briefly in… (more…)

A Brief History Of Table Tennis

If you watch the sports channels on TV, such as ESPN, a lot, you’re likely to catch a game of table tennis every so often. Table tennis, often called ping pong, is played on a wooden table, with a plastic ball and paddles covered in rubber and a net dividing the playing surface. It is sometimes called the miniature version… (more…)

Need To Pick Up A Sport Try City Sports

The youngsters of the city turn to urban sports because you need an outlet for them to express themselves. Very little gear is required, and the sport can take place anywhere, and at any time. As they only take place in urban dwellings, they are labeled as urban sports. However, urban sports is different from extreme sports. Urban sports are… (more…)

Choose Sport Bag Wisely

Bags are one of the most important essential in everyones life, be it, a school kid, a college youngster, a working professional, a sport person, a traveler, or a fitness freak. Nowadays, there is or a special bag for every person as per his or her requirement. For official going men and women, there is an exclusive range of laptop… (more…)

Boosting Self Esteem Through Sports

Self-esteem is the regard we hold for our self. All of us have a concept of ourselves, of what we called self-concept. If you like your self-concept then you have a high self-esteem. So therefore self-esteem is the feeling of self-worth that determines how valuable and competent we feel about ourselves and our whole personality. One of the largest factors… (more…)

Why Bmx Has Become So Popular In The Usa And Many Other Countries

The BMX is an adventure sport bike range. The bicycles that are used in this sport are specially designed and so that they are not damaged by doing these stunts. This sport has become very popular in the USA and many other countries as well. The ‘BMX’ first became popular in the California state of the United States. It was… (more…)

A Detailed History Of Boxing One Of The Most Controversial Sport

Boxing is a sport in which you wear heavy leather gloves and punch or fight with your fists. A boxing ring measures 12 sq.ft. to 20 sq.ft. Some of its famous practitioners are Mike Tyson (USA), Lennox Lewis (UK), Muhammad Ali (USA), Somluck Kamsing (Thailand), Audley Harrison (Britain), Oleg Mascaew (Uzbekistan), Mike Weaver (USA), Michael Mutua (Kenya), Manoj Pingle (India),… (more…)

Mma Rash Guards Offer Extra Protection

MMS Rash Guards is a name well-known with community inside the fighting circuit. The mixed martial arts fighters also know how important MMA rash guards are to their training routines and competitive matches. In the deficiency of a full-scale Gi or Vale Tudo, grappling rash guards the MMA rash guards are used interchangeably by mixed martial arts athletes who slot… (more…)

Sport Psychology Three Steps To Improve Performance In High-pressure Situations

In high-pressure situations, an interesting thing happens to many athletes. Their ability to focus narrows. That is, they are able to focus less on things that are peripheral to their main task. This can be benefit certain sports, such as shot putting. For example, the focus of shot putters might narrow to the point where they become oblivious to crowd… (more…)