Determining the Right Colour for Your Favourite Sport

What sport are you into?

Today, there are lots of sports that anyone can play. Ranging from the traditional sports like Australian football, basketball and football to the extreme and underground like bungee jumping, parkour and skateboarding.

Playing a particular sport can be an avenue for releasing stress in our system. It also boosts creativity and fulfilment in life.

There’s a question that always plays in my mind: why is it that the football’s colours are black and white and the basketball is orange-brown?

What’s the logic of choosing a particular colour into particular sports equipment?

The answer is not rocket science, and it could even surprise you. Today, we’re showing different sports that are famous in Australia, along with their unique colours which can be compared to Perth painting style.

Australian rules football

With different games claiming to be the only -football-, this game is the most famous here in Australia. Asymmetrically oval in shape, the bright orange colour of the ball helps players notice the ball from afar. It is highly recommended that bright colours are used in the game. Even the famous painting company, Painter Perth is favourable to this concept.


Considered as Australia’s national sport, the cricket ball has two different ball colours — white and red. The former is used on matches played at night while the latter is used on first-class cricket games. This sport, if not played properly, could be one of the dangerous sports in the world.

Rugby league /Rugby union

The game differs from the rules and the field where it is played. The latter is an Australian version of what the British calls rugby. The colours are also identical and have no standards set by their governing bodies. A famous painter in Perth once said though that there should be specific colours since this sport can also be hazardous if not played well.

Football (Soccer)

Not to be confused with Australian football, the so-called beautiful game has a traditional black-and-white ball. So what’s the reason? Because football matches are once televised on black-and-white television screens, the said colour was the easiest colour to distinguish.


Originally, the ball used in basketball is coloured orange. This is because the said colour is easily recognisable by players. Also, due to its leather material, orange is the most natural of all colours to be matched to it.


Here in the country, it is a famous sport which is specifically played by women. Different colours of the ball exist but the original white version is the most popular, in which Perth House Painters agrees. One of the most probable reasons is because this sport is a variation of basketball. The inventors of this game chose white to differentiate their sport from basketball.

There are many different sports, with different rules and its unique kind of balls. We also learn that the colours are not just painted by chance or accident. It has a purpose; for players to easily identify their devices, and for us viewers to simply enjoy the game.

Whatever your sport is, don’t forget to work hard and play smart!

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