Famous Trophies In Associated With Sports In The U.s

The United States is one of the many countries in the world, which are known for their diverse sporting events. Major sports in the country include Hockey, Baseball, and basketball and of course, the famous sport of American Football. In all of these sports, various trophies are awarded to the teams that emerge victorious. These awards are as famous as the sports themselves and are as varied as the specific sporting events they represent. With so many sports to award, there are bound to be those awards that stand out from the rest. These awards include the Borg- Warner trophy, the Heisman memorial award trophy, the Vince Lombardi trophy, the commissioners trophy, and the Larry O Brien Championship trophy.

The first of the famous sports trophies in the U.S is the Borg Warner trophy. This trophy is awarded to the winner of the Indianapolis automobile race. The trophy began being awarded in 1936. In addition, seventy-five years on the trophy, forms one of the most prestigious leading to all participants of this annual race wanting a chance to own it even if it is just for a while? The trophy is made of sterling silver and is five feet tall. With a net worth of over one million dollars it is also one of the most expensive. Like the Borg Warner, the Heisman memorial trophy dates back to 1936. Just as the name suggests it is named in honor of a great football player, coach and athletic director called John Heisman. This trophy is awarded to the most outstanding player in collegiate football. It is made from bronze and weighs twenty-five pounds.

Another prestigious and famous of the many sporting events trophies in the United States is the Vince Lombardi trophy. This trophy is awarded to every winning team of the super bowl since 1967. First presented to the Green Bay parkers, the trophy is named after the latter teams coach. Tiffany and Co. makes the sterling silver trophy.

One of the few major trophies not named after a person is the Commissioners trophy. It is awarded to the team that wins the Major league Baseball World Series championship. First awarded in 1976 to the St Louis Cardinal, the trophy is made from sterling silver and feature individual gold plated flags that represent each team in major league baseball. These are just a sample of the many prestigious awards that are awarded in various sporting events in the U.S.

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