Five Health Benefits from Playing Golf

For people who like to stay active, sports can be a good way to not only get exercise, but also meet new people and make lasting friendships. However, as people start getting older, playing competitive sports can be difficult due to wear and tear on the body. However, there are a few sports that you can actively play at any age, including golf.

How Golf Can Benefit Your Health

Although most people know the benefits of jogging or lifting weights, they may not consider golf to be a sport that can benefit their health. Researchers who have studied the sport have found that it can help you burn the calories needed to lose weight and one study found that the death rate for golfers is about 40% lower than non-golfers. Here are some ways you can benefit from playing golf.

Increases Your Heart Rate

When you play golf, skip renting a cart and walk the course to get the best benefit from this sport. You will end up doing a lot of walking as you make your way around the course, which will help increase your heart rate and make your heart stronger. An increased heart rate helps improve your blood flow, lowers your risk for cardiac disease and decreases the amount of “bad” cholesterol in your bloodstream.

Helps Improve Your Vision

By aiming at the tee or looking for your ball on the course, you are improving your ability to see better. Golfers get the chance to improve their vision by targeting the ball at long distances or by eyeing it on the tee before they swing. In addition, it helps to improve your hand-eye coordination as well.

Stimulates Your Brain

By increasing your heart rate, you are improving the blood flow to all areas of your body including the brain. Improved blood flow can stimulate your brain and help to improve the connections between nerve cells. This can help delay illnesses like dementia and help stimulate the mind because you have to use basic maths skills to tally your score.

Golf Reduces Stress Levels

Breathing in fresh air as you walk around the course can help to alleviate stress and lift your mood, especially if you are socialising with friends as you play. Playing golf helps to release endorphins, which are natural mood-enhancing chemicals, and they help you feel more relaxed and happier.

Promotes Better Sleep

Since you will usually be tired after spending the day playing golf, you will find that you are able to fall asleep easier and sleep more deeply than you normally would. A deep sleep helps your body to heal and it allows your mind to rest, so you will be more alert when you return to work or school.

Whether you play a round of golf on a local public course or go on golfing holidays to some of the world’s best resorts, playing golf is beneficial for your health. It can help you lead a healthier and happier life well into your golden years.


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